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You enjoy interesting discussions and you are curious to get known to different points of view? You dislike the anonymous capital and you are looking for staying together with other people? Or you simply have great ideas for some common activities and looking for nice people to join you? We think you are right with QueerGEIST!

Our fellows at QueerGEIST want to bring together very different people in the queer community. We want to empower each other and strengthen our community. It is very important for us to meet at real places. Places to gain energy, where age, state, appearance and so on are not important at all.

Our activities so far contain of three main emphases: Our discussion events „Zeit und Raum“, groups which meet regularly and occasional leisure activities. You don´t have to be member, everybody is welcome. We hope to be able to enlarge our activities in the future and are looking forward for your additional ideas!

QueerGEIST e.V.

Projekt für ein queeres Gemeinschaftszentrum in Berlin


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