A queer community center for all of us

QueerGeist is heading for building up a public community center for queer people and their friends in Berlin. Here all of you will get the chance to be accepted and appreciated, to meet other people, to find informations and to develope activities by yourself. This will be completely independent from your economical and social state, from your age, your gender, appearance, colour and origin.

In the moment we regularly perform events concerning questions which are interesting for our community and we organise several groups and leisure activities with you and for you. We also have a blog where you can take part in our discussions by your comments or own articles. We are convinced that we need a public non-commercial place where we can meet, communicate and just stay, not being forced to spend money.

Let us create this public space where we can just be.

QueerGeist e.V. is a non-profit organisation. We are working since 2011 to realise the idea. Our members are lookin back to a long-time experience in project-mangement, in health care and social projects as well as in queer initiatives. We are looking forward to cooperate with all groups, organisations and single persons who have similar goals like us.

QueerGEIST e.V.

Projekt für ein queeres Gemeinschaftszentrum in Berlin


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